December 12, 2022 Town Council Meeting Video Below

Time - 2:11 the Town Manager starts his report regarding the status of discussions with South County Health

Time - 2:15 Council votes on an amended resolution "authorizing the withdrawal of an application to the RI Department of Environmental Management for approval of a land swap with South County Health for a portion of Town Farm Park"

Jump ahead to Time - 3:50:20 for the extensive public comment and discussion.

November 28th, 2022 Town Council Meeting Video Below

Jump to the 31-minute mark for the start of the Town Farm Park Discussion with Town Staff Presentation

Lynne Harper from the neighborhood at 1:20

Bella Noka of the Narragansett Tribe at 1:43

November 10, 2022 Planning Board Approval of South County Hospital Institutional Master Plan Video Below

Vote was 5 for and 1 against with Susan Axelrod being the dissenting vote.